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To be truly effective, one must focus on more than one search term, It is also important to ensure that a website can be found in the first page of the search results for a broad range of related phrases. 70 % of our SEO work is done offsite but our first focus is the content of the page we are working on, we make sure it is original content and that no other website has it, we make sure ti

It's undeniable that users are becoming increasingly more sophisticated in the way they make purchases. They want to find information immediately, and they want to find it on the first page. Business owners should keep this in mind, because it can make or break their business. Google, in particular, is the most important search engine marketers should focus on. Google is the largest search engine accounting for more than 60% al all searched made in the United States . Without optimizing a site for Google, a website might never reach its potential.

It was also found that the majority of users will look through no more than three pages of search engine results. In fact, a third of internet users believed that the websites listed within the first pages of search results are top companies in their each industry. If content they're looking for is not within the first few pages, 41% of searchers either changed the search term or changed search engines.

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